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Hypnotherapy offers
short-term therapy with
long-term results.

Would you like to...

Stop smoking, gain confidence, overcome anxiety or panic attacks, speak confidently in public, cut down or give up alcohol or overcome a phobia? have help with depression or exam nerves, resolve relationship problems, lose weight or sleep better?

Hypnotherapy is an effective and safe way to make positive lasting changes in your life.

Are you experiencing problems in your life? Is there a habit you wish to break? Or something you wish to change? Hypnotherapy could offer you the help you need. No need to stay stuck in the past, you can move forward and feel better. Hypnotherapy is a safe and gentle approach for giving up smoking, reducing anxiety, improving relationships, losing weight, overcoming exam nerves, public speaking, gaining confidence and so many other emotional and physical problems.

I can help with relationship problems, such things as coping after a break up, indecision, and painful emotions.

Hypnotherapy is a respected alternative therapy with no side effects and can help to make positive changes.

It is also very effective, safe and relaxing. It uses the natural power of your mind to resolve your problems without the use of drugs.

If you are looking for a powerful alternative treatment to conventional medicine, then this could be the answer for you. This form of therapy can help with so many mental, physical and emotional problems, some of which are not helped by conventional forms of medicine.

In the 14 years that I've been practising hypnotherapy I have helped many people. Clients often travel quite a distance to see me. Many of them have been recommended by their friends, family, colleagues, doctors and other alternative practioners.

I am sympathetic, appraochable and have a friendly and understanding manner.

My practice is in Terriers, High Wycombe, Bucks, near to Hazlemere. Therapy takes place in a comfortable and relaxing room. You are able to park on my drive.

I am available during the week, some evenings and weekends.
Please phone to discuss availability, you can email if you prefer.
I will always do my best to find a suitable time for you.

Don't be afraid to change old habits and take your first steps on the road to recovery. Contact me to discuss whether hypnotherapy could help you. Sometimes just talking to someone sympathetic and impartial gives you the ability to see things more clearly. I believe my life experiences have given me the ability to help others.

You can telephone or email, whichever you prefer and be sure of a quick response.

All clients are seen in private and in strict confidence.

Internet sessions

Too far away to come to see me? No problem! I also offer voice and webcam sessions over the Internet using Skype. Contact me if you wish to arrange a session. International clients welcome.

About Me

The LCCH are the largest such training organisation in the UK and were recently chosen by the NHS to provide Post Graduate training for doctors who wish to incorporate hypnotherapy skills into their conventional medical treatment.